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Using Dribbble

What is Dribbble?

We’re on a mission to build the world’s best community for creatives to share, grow, and get hired.

Tens of millions of people look for design inspiration and feedback on Dribbble. We help designers share small screenshots (shots) to show off their current projects, boost their portfolio, and love what they do—no matter what kind of creative professional you are. Dribbble is the go-to resource for discovering and connecting with designers and creative talent around the globe.

Dribbble helps some of the world’s best design-forward companies including Apple, Airbnb, IDEO, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Slack, Shopify, Lyft get exposure for their design teams and to help them hire expert creatives.

Founded in 2009, we are a bootstrapped and profitable company helping design talent share, grow, and get hired by over 40,000 of today’s most innovative brands around the world.

More about Dribbble…

What is proper behavior/etiquette for members?

Read our Community Guidelines for tips and rules for being a good team player in the community.

Signing Up and Signing In

I signed up for Dribbble but I didn’t receive the confirmation email.

If you don’t see the confirmation email, make sure to check your Spam folder and, if you’re using Gmail, please check the Social and Promotions folders.

Contact us if you don’t find it there.

I can’t remember my password for signing in. How do I reset it?

If you can’t remember your password, you can use the ‘Forgot?’ link next to ‘Password’ on the Sign In page to reset it. Be sure to enter the same email address as the one you have registered with Dribbble.

I can’t sign in after resetting my password.

Be sure you’re using the same email address that you used to reset when signing in to your account. Also, note that passwords are case-sensitive; make sure there are no extra spaces in the password field when you try to sign in.

Contact us if you continue to have trouble.

I can’t sign in to my Team account and it doesn’t recognize my email. How do I sign in?

You can’t sign directly into a team account; rather you sign into your personal/team owner account. A team owner is able to act as that team when needed. See more information about acting on behalf of the team.

I get a “reCAPTCHA failed” message when trying to sign up.

To prevent abuse, we require members to pass a CAPTCHA (via Google’s reCAPTCHA) when signing up (pictured here). Respond to any prompts which might appear to complete your signup.

If the CAPTCHA does not appear in the signup form, disable any ad blockers or content blockers which might prevent the reCAPTCHA JavaScript from loading and try again.

Contact us if you continue to have trouble.

Accounts & Billing

Where can I find a receipt for my purchase?

You can view your entire purchase history, including printable receipts for your orders, on the Billing page under your Dribbble account settings.

If you purchased a job listing, we also attached a PDF receipt to the confirmation email you received.

Can I have a username that is already taken?

Perhaps. Inactive Dribbble accounts may be renamed or removed at our discretion. We will not rename or remove an active account except in the case of name squatting, which is prohibited. You can request a username for an account that appears inactive, but please note that not all activity on Dribbble is publicly visible.

Dribbble usernames are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, and are intended for immediate and active use. Usernames may not be inactively held for future use.

Attempts to buy, sell, or solicit other forms of payment in exchange for Dribbble accounts or usernames are prohibited and may result in account suspension or removal.

Whoops! I accidentally signed up as a Spectator/Prospect, how can I switch?

Just use the checkbox at the bottom of your Account Settings page. It looks like this:

'List as Prospect?' checkbox on account page

Can you send me an invoice?

We don’t provide invoices but do provide receipts, which are emailed after purchases and available for reference on the Billing page under your Dribbble account settings.

If you need more detail on your receipts for invoicing purposes, you can add extra information to them. Use the Receipt Info form on the Billing page to add information such as a company address or tax ID. The extra information provided will be displayed on all receipts.

Players & Prospects

How do I upload my work?

Anyone can sign up to find, follow, or hire designers at Dribbble. However, to share your work with the community or leave comments, an invitation from a member is required. Invited (drafted) members are called Players. If you wish to be drafted, be sure to check the box marking yourself as a Prospect in your account settings.

Prospects (members who would like to share their work but have not yet been drafted) can upload work, but it will only appear on their own profile and on the Draft page. Uploading your work will greatly improve your chances of being drafted.

Why does Dribbble have an invitation process to share work?

All Players (members who are drafted and can share their work with the community) are drafted (invited) by other Players. Having members take responsibility for those they draft sharpens the focus on sharing interesting work. We also limit invitations, which helps our tiny company scale the site and our support of it. This strategy is imperfect—we know there are many fantastic designers still undrafted—so our efforts to grow gracefully are ongoing.

How are Players drafted?

We periodically issue invitations to existing Players who, in turn, use those to draft (invite) new Players to post their work on Dribbble.

Players with invitations can draft Prospects from the Dribbble Draft page or by using the “Draft” button on Prospect profiles. Designers without Dribbble accounts can also be invited from the Invitations page.

If a Player chooses to draft a Prospect, an email is sent with a URL to accept or decline the invitation.

With so many Prospects on Dribbble, how will I ever get drafted?

We know trying to find an invite can be tough sometimes, but there are a few ways you can improve your chances of catching a Player’s attention:

  • Fill out your profile (Account settings). Help the community get to know you! Upload an avatar and write a short bio so members can get a better feel for who you are and what you’re about.
  • Upload your work. Any work you upload will only be visible on your profile or on the Dribbble Draft page until you’re drafted. But uploading your work will greatly improve your chances of being drafted.
  • Add your skills and location. Potential drafters will be able to find prospects by skill and location, so the more info you provide the better.
  • Link to your portfolio. Players with invitations will want to see your work, so be sure to add a link on your profile to a website that shows off your work.


What are Shots?

Shots are screenshots posted by members to show what they are working on.

What are the size restrictions for shots?

The file size limit for shots is 10MB. Shots must be cropped to a 4:3 aspect ratio (either before uploading or as part of the upload process), but otherwise have no resolution restrictions as long they do not exceed the file size limit (the only exception is that animated GIFs must be either 800x600 or 400x300 pixels).

By default, shots will be displayed on shot detail screens and in modal overlays at a maximum size of 800x600 (retina screens will use a file up to 1600x1200 sized down to 800x600 for better resolution). High resolution shots (larger than 800x600) can be viewed at their actual size by clicking and opening a modal overlay.

Is there a limit to how many Shots a Player can upload?

Players can upload up to 48 shots per month. When a new Player is drafted, they start with 48 available shots, no matter when they’re drafted. On the first day of each month, we reset everyone’s count so each player has 48 shots free. For example, if you have 10 shots free on March 31, you’ll get 38 more on April 1; if you have 0 free, you’ll get a full 48.

There is also a 5 shot per day limit to discourage a single user from flooding Dribbble with a ton of shots in a short period of time. No ball hogging!

What is a Rebound?

A rebound is a shot in reply to another shot. Rebounds offer a way to follow up and “link” two shots together. For example, a sketch can be rebounded with a finished design, or alternate concepts of a design can be rebounded so there’s a reference trail to follow.

Rebounds can also be purely for fun—what you’re working on doesn’t have to be for work. :) For example, any player can create games or memes allowing other Dribbble players to riff off an initial shot to get their takes on the same idea.

You can see many examples of rebounds on the Playoffs page.

What is an Attachment?

An Attachment is an extra file that Pro members and members of teams can upload along with their shots (PSDs, .zips, larger images, etc.). You can attach up to 5 files per shot (each having a 10MB max). You can also check a box when cropping to keep the larger, original image as an attachment when needed.

What is a Project?

A Project is a collection of a player’s shots that have been grouped because they share a common theme. Projects are viewable by anyone, but can only be created by members with Pro accounts.

You can see many examples of projects on the Projects page.

What is a Bucket?

A Bucket is a collection of shots that any Dribbble member can create. While logged in, click the “Save” button on any shot to save it to a bucket.

You can see many examples of buckets on the Buckets page.

How do Debuts work?

Debuts is a stream of first shots from new Players. Only your very first shot will show up in the Debuts stream, so be thoughtful about your first impression.

If you previously uploaded work as a prospect, your debut will be your first shot after you were drafted.

Can I select a teaser frame for my animated GIF?

Not at this time. We automatically use the first frame of the animation for the teaser, so plan how your animation cycles carefully!

My GIF is not looping. Can you help?

We don’t modify the original file you upload. Bad configuration or a problem in the image export is usually to blame for GIF looping issues. Try verifying that your original file you exported locally loops in various browsers. If you’re still having trouble, you can contact us.

What is a Low Profile shot?

Shots that are not published to your default profile stream are called “Low Profile” shots. Your stream of Low Profile shots can be accessed via a drop-down menu on your profile and will appear in your followers’ Following feeds.

You can specify that a shot is Low Profile when uploading or you can change any existing shot in its Edit page.


How can I leave comments on shots?

Comments can be left on shots using the form at the bottom of each shot page. Currently, only Players are able to leave comments.

Comments can include some HTML tags for formatting and links, and you can mention other members if you want them to know you’re talking about them.


How can I get more invitations?

Invitations are handed out to Players based a variety of ever-changing criteria. The longer you’re on Dribbble, the better your chances are of receiving invites. Thanks for your patience!

How do I know if I have any invitations?

Should you receive any invitations, they’ll appear in your Account Settings on the Invitations page, you’ll see an Activity notification, and you’ll receive an email notification. If you don’t see an Invitations link in your Account Settings, you don’t have any invitations at this time.

A Player I drafted isn’t using their account. Can I revoke their invitation?

Sorry, we can’t revoke invitations once they’ve been accepted. Once a Prospect is drafted, they will remain as such, so make your invites count!

I tried to invite a member, but they haven’t accepted the invitation. Is the invitation gone?

Don’t worry! If the user doesn’t claim the invitation within 30 days, it will expire and the invitation will automatically return to your account.

Will my invites ever expire?

No, the invites you have available to use will not expire. Feel free to take your time and draft wisely!

Any sent invites must be redeemed within 30 days. After 30 days, if an invite hasn’t been redeemed, it will be returned to the sender’s account.

Can I buy or sell Dribbble invitations?

No, buying and selling Dribbble accounts is prohibited. Dribbble will suspend or remove any accounts that are participating in these sorts of transactions.

Guidelines for Dribbble Invitations

  • Please don’t message designers on Dribbble to ask for an invitation.
  • Invitations should not be used as prizes for contests, but given genuinely based on your interest in following someone’s work.
  • Invitation contests that require likes, follows, or ungenuine social gestures for entry are prohibited. Dribbble’s invitation system aims to increase the number of talented designers and interesting work on Dribbble—not to draw attention to your profile.
  • Please do not attempt to sell or buy Dribbble invitations, or pursue fake follows on Dribbble.

Your account may be suspended or removed if you engage in activity that violates these guidelines.


What is Pro?

Pro is an upgrade for Players that gives you complete control over your Dribbble profile. Pro features include:

  • Playbook: A simple, customizable portfolio, powered by your Dribbble profile.
  • Projects: Organizing your work into specific… projects.
  • Attachments: Add up to 5 files along with your shot uploads (PSDs, .zip, larger views, etc.).
  • Advanced Stats: Keep track of your traffic, biggest fans, profile views, and more.
  • Customizable Profile: Put your best foot forward by organizing your profile however you’d like.
  • Shot Scheduling: Upload your shot now and schedule it to publish later.
  • Goods For Sale: Add “Buy” links to your shots when sharing shirts, prints, icon packs, themes, etc. for sale.
  • Pro Badge: Appears on your profile to show your support for sustaining the community.

Pro accounts are a big part of our business, and help our company stay afloat without needing to resort to obtrusive advertising or other unpleasant methods of income. We really appreciate the support!

Can I upload shots if I purchase a Pro account?

Purchasing a Pro account does not enable shot uploading or commenting. You’ll still need to be drafted (invited by an existing member) to share your work with the Dribbble community.

Prospects can upload work, but it will only appear on their own profile and on the Draft page.

What happens when my Pro upgrade expires?

If you don’t renew your Pro upgrade, you’ll lose access to Pro-only features. Your Projects will disappear as well, but don’t worry: they’re only hidden, not deleted. If you decide to go Pro again, all your existing Projects will become visible again.


What is Playbook?

Playbook is an instant portfolio, powered by Dribbble, at your domain. Dribbble branding and social features are stripped away, and it’s just you and your work—the very same work you’ve been sharing on Dribbble.

How does Playbook work?

Playbook is included with a Pro subscription.

Populated by the same content and profile info you’re already sharing on Dribbble, Playbook can be your most current, popular, or curated work in the order of your choosing—presented elegantly. In fact, we hope the curation option will encourage you to share more experimental, fun shots on Dribbble, reserving your curated Playbook for putting your best foot forward.

Each Playbook is responsive, and can live at either or your own custom domain.

What can I customize with Playbook?

You can customize which shots from your Dribbble profile are shown in your Playbook:

  • Mirror my profile: Displays shots exactly how they appear on your Dribbble profile
  • Popular shots first: All shots sorted by popularity
  • Recent shots first: All shots sorted in reverse chronological order
  • Custom shots & order: You choose which shots are shown and the order they appear in

Additionally, you can customize the following options:

  • Custom domain
  • Small or large thumbnails
  • Header or sidebar layout
  • Background color
  • Font (from a pre-selected group)
  • Show or hide profile details (e.g. avatar, name, bio, location, skills, contact form, elsewhere links)

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, you sure can. Published Playbooks are found at Additionally, you may assign your own domain name to point to your Playbook. Choose “Custom Domain” in the customize pane, enter the domain you wish to use and hit Save.

Next you need to point that domain at Dribbble’s servers. Head over to your domain provider’s website and find where you manage your DNS settings. This is where you create the record to point your domain at your Dribbble Playbook.

If you’re using a subdomain (like or, create a CNAME record pointing to your Playbook subdomain,

If you’re using a bare domain (like, create an ALIAS or ANAME record pointing to your Playbook subdomain, The name of this type of record will vary by your provider. If your provider requires that you use an IP address for a bare domain, use

Note: We strongly encourage you to avoid using the IP address to ensure your custom domain always works. If our IP address were to change in the future, pointing to will pick up the change automatically with no interruption. As noted above, many providers (such as our DNS provider, DNSimple) allow you to set up bare domain records pointing at other domains.

If you’re having trouble setting up the necessary DNS record, please refer to your DNS provider’s support documentation.

Can I use my Typekit (or other webfont service) account?

Not currently, but we’re looking into the options here.

Can I add a custom favicon for my Playbook?

We use your Dribbble avatar as your Playbook favicon. We don’t support custom favicons at this time.

Is Playbook included for Teams?

Yes! A Playbook for the team account is included at no extra cost with every plan.


What is a team account on Dribbble?

Teams are an easy way for organizations and their designers to share work on Dribbble. Team members can upload work to both their profile and the Team’s profile. Job listings posted by the team show up on our main Jobs page, as well as the team profile.

Creating a team account

You can create a team account by either creating a new team from scratch, or by converting an existing Dribbble account to a team.

Converting an existing account to a team

When signed in to the account you wish to convert, navigate to Add Your Design Team and choose the team size that best works for your organization. Once you choose a team size, click the “Convert this account to a team” link. During the process of converting your team, you’ll be prompted to select a team owner. If you don’t have an account to use, you can create a new account along the way to designate a team owner.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Converting an account to a team is permanent not reversible. Please be certain the account you’re converting is indeed a team.

What are team owners?

Team owners are team members that have special privileges. Team owners can update the team profile, add and remove members, and manage billing info. Team owners can also act on the team’s behalf (upload shots, comment, like, etc.). Each team is required to have at least one team owner.

How can team owners act on a team’s behalf?

Team owners can switch to the team account and act on its behalf by selecting the “Use Dribbble as…” link from the avatar menu when they’re signed into their personal account.

Do team members need an invitation to upload work?

Your team account and all members added to your team will be able to upload work and comment immediately—no invitation required.

To add a new team member not currently on Dribbble, have them sign up for a free Basic account. Once they have an account, a team owner can act on behalf of the team and navigate to the Members page in the team’s account settings. Then add the team member using the autocomplete search box.

How do I add or remove team members?

To add or remove a team member, team owners can act on behalf of the team and navigate to the Members page in the team’s account settings. Then add a team member using the autocomplete search box or remove a team member using the remove button.

To add a new team member not currently on Dribbble, have them sign up for a free Basic account. Once they have an account, a team owner can act on behalf of the team and add them in the Members page.

How do I add or remove team owners?

To add or remove a team owner, a team owner can act on behalf of the team and navigate to the Team Owners page in the team’s account settings. Then add a team owner using the autocomplete search box or remove a team member using the remove button.

How do team members upload team shots?

When a member of a team uploads work, they can choose the team via a drop down menu. The shot will show up on both the team profile as well as their own, with dual attribution.

Members can also retroactively mark shots as team work, by following the “Edit” link from the shot page.

Can a shot be in a personal project AND a team project?

Normally, shots can be included in a single project only. Team work is an exception, where the shot can appear in one personal project as well as one team project. Team members will see team projects listed alongside their personal projects in the “Add to Project” modal pop-up.

How do team members add to team projects?

All team members can add shots to team projects. When uploading a shot (or from the shot page if it’s already published), follow the “Add to team project” link and choose an existing team project to add the shot to. Team projects can be created only by an owner while acting on the team’s behalf.

Additionally, team members that are Pro can add shots to a team project as well as a personal project.

What happens when a team member is removed from a team?

After being removed, a team member’s work will still remain on the team profile. Team owners always have the ability to remove individual shots from the team from the admin menu on the right side of the shot page.

What are the advantages of posting a job as a team?

Job listings posted by the team (or a team owner) appear on your team profile for higher visibility. Designers can easily search for teams and even look for teams that are hiring. Additionally, team jobs have an avatar next to their listing on the main Jobs page which links to their team profile.

Job listings posted by teams contain additional information to help candidates learn more about what it’s like to work for your company. Choose up to six team members to display on the listing so candidates will know who they’ll be working with. Choose up to four recent shots to give them an idea of the type of work they’ll be doing.

How can I update the credit card used for my team?

Any team owner can update the credit card on file at any time. This credit card is used to renew the annual subscription.

Jobs and Finding Designers on Dribbble

How do I hire designers from Dribbble?

There are a few easy ways to hire amazing design talent from Dribbble—including posting a job on Dribbble Jobs and/or contacting designers directly with our Sourcing Platform. For more information and to get started visit Hiring on Dribbble.

Source, organize, and message designers who are open to work opportunities with these features:

  • Find amazing designers that match what you’re looking for via advanced search and filtering.
  • Stay organized and improve your workflow by grouping your favorite designers into private lists.
  • Connect with and message designers who are open to hearing about work opportunities.

Job Board

Dribbble has the #1 board in the world for hiring creative professionals, allowing hiring managers to fill positions easily and efficiently. Our job listings average 1.5k clicks per post.

Dedicated Talent Partner

Our talent partners work directly with an exclusive network of high-intent creative talent to match them with great opportunities. We curate our network, ensuring placements fit your hiring priorities. We handle sourcing, vetting, matching, outreach, screening, and pre-interviewing with this high-touch, high-quality service.

Get started with our hiring offerings.

How do I post a job on Dribbble?

On just about any page, the link to Post a Job can be found in the Jobs menu in the main navigation. When posting a job, you’ll be asked for the title, company, location, and several other parameters that will help you find the right candidate. Paste the text of your listing and choose an engaging image to go along with it and you’re all set.

How do I stop a recurring job subscription?

A recurring job subscription will auto-renew at the end of the 30 day period and the card you have on file will be charged. You can stop a recurring job in your Jobs dashboard, located in your account settings. When you stop the recurring job, it will finish out the 30 day period and not renew. If you wish, you can Archive it before the 30 days have passed from your Jobs dashboard.

How can I update my Job listing?

If you’d like to update your job listing, log into the Dribbble account you used to create the job listing. You’ll have the option to edit the listing from your Jobs dashboard.

Can I post part-time or freelance jobs on Dribbble Jobs?

While most job listings are for full-time employment, we welcome part-time and freelance/contract positions as well.

How can I contact designers on Dribbble about work opportunities?

You’ll need to sign up for a hiring offering to contact designers about work opportunities. Designers can indicate that they are open to work opportunities and being messaged, which allows subscribers to be able to contact designers about relevant opportunities.

Note: Making sure our designers are taken care of is our top priority, so be sure to send them quality messages and follow the Guidelines for Messaging Designers when using our hiring offerings. Dribbble reserves the right to suspend your messaging if your messages are inappropriate or offensive in any way. No spamming—job inquiries only. If your messaging has been suspended, please contact us for more information.

What is response rate?

A designer’s response rate is the percentage of new messages that were responded to within 72 hours over the last 90 days. Currently, response rate is only visible to the designer.

Guidelines for Messaging Designers

Designers are able to mark themselves as open to job opportunities and messages - look for the Message button on their profiles. When sending a message to a designer, please follow these guidelines:

  • Your message must be a work inquiry regarding a design job or project.
  • Please personalize the messages you send—don’t send boilerplate messages. They tend to feel impersonal and lack the detail necessary to be appealing. This means you should use their name, provide a brief description of the work or job for which you’re hiring, and any details you find compelling about the designer’s work on Dribbble.
  • Please make sure the designer you’re contacting is a good fit for your job or project as indicated by the work, bio and skills on their profile. Many designers also declare the type work in which they’re interested in their hiring statement—so make sure your message conforms with their stated preferences.
  • Have a specific job or project in mind: Don’t ask if someone is looking for new opportunities or if anyone they know is looking for new opportunities. You must have a specific job or project and state it in the message.

Dribbble reserves the right to suspend your messaging if your messages are inappropriate or offensive in any way. No spamming—job inquiries only. If your messaging has been suspended, please contact us for more information.

Abuse on Dribbble

How does blocking work?

You can block another Dribbble user by clicking on the gear icon on their profile page, and selecting “Block [user]”. After blocking a user, the blocked user will not be able to:

  • follow you
  • leave comments on your shots
  • add you to lists
  • add your shots to buckets

If you’re the owner of work that has been posted on Dribbble without your consent, please review our Copyright Policy.

How do I report inappropriate content or bad behavior on Dribbble?

Contact us if you see behavior on Dribbble that violates the guidelines in our Community Guidelines.

Rate Limits

Why does Dribbble have rate limits?

Rate limiting prevents abuse and helps us keep the site available and responsive for all our visitors.

How did I hit my limit?

  • A browser extension can make many more requests than you expect. Try disabling any relevant browser extensions and see if you continue to get rate limited.
  • If you’re on a shared network (like an office or school), all of your requests will appear to come from the same IP address. All of the requests from a single IP address are counted together when you are not signed in. We suggest using the site signed in to prevent other people’s behavior from affecting your ability to use the site.
  • Refreshing the same page over and over to see if there are new likes or comments can cause you to hit your limit. If you want to know when someone comments on your shot or follows you, try updating your Email Preferences instead.

Boosted Profiles FAQ

What is a Boosted Profile?

A Boosted Profile is a player or team profile that has been boosted by its owner. Boosting a profile places it in the third position of each page load wherever a list of Players or Teams is shown. Impressions will be served evenly over approximately 15 days.

Who can purchase a Boosted Profile?

Only Players and Teams who are publicly available for hire are eligible to purchase a Boosted Profile. You can sign up by clicking on a boosted badge or by visiting your account settings.

How do I purchase a Boosted Profile?

There are two places from which you can begin the purchase process. By clicking on the “Boosted” badge of a boosted profile or by visiting the Promote Yourself section of your Account. From there, you will select which profile you want to boost and the number of impressions you wish to purchase for your profile. Finally, you’ll enter your payment information and the promotion will be purchased and added into the queue of profiles to boost.

How much does it cost?

Boosted Profiles are available for Players at $7/CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and for Teams at $12/CPM.

How often will my Boosted Profile appear in the designers/teams lists?

The frequency with which a Boosted Profile will appear in a feed depends on a few different factors, such as the number of impressions purchased. You can track the performance of your Boosted Profile on the Stats page or in Account settings.

Branding & Logos

For guidelines regarding the Dribbble brand, and to download Dribbble logos, please visit our Logo Downloads & Brand Guidelines page.

Equipment Shop

For help with our Equipment Shop, status on orders, returns, questions, etc., please visit our Shop Customer Service.


For information and help regarding Dribbble’s API, please visit our Developer site.